Design recommendations

We’ve created designs to help you incorporate GOV.UK One Login into your service.

The aim is to provide a consistent experience for users across all services that use GOV.UK One Login, and reduce duplication of effort by services.

However, you’ll need to tailor them to your service. You do not have to use them at all if research shows something else works better for you.

How we created our recommendations

The designs all use existing components from the GOV.UK Design System.

As this is a new type of journey, we’ve combined those components in new ways. We’ll be sharing our findings with the GOV.UK Design System team.

The designs have all been tested with users. Contact us if you’d like more details on the research.

List of recommendations

Let users create an account to save progress
How to let users complete part of your journey, then create an account so they can come back and finish it later. Includes page screenshots and confirmation email content.

Show users where to change their GOV.UK One Login credentials
How to link users to their GOV.UK One Login from within your service. There are 2 options to choose from, depending on how your service is structured.

Help improve our recommendations

Our design recommendations have all been tested with users, but we would love to know how they work in your service.

If you have user insights that would help us improve our recommendations or develop new ones, you can share them through our support form or Slack channel.