Get started

1. Check if GOV.UK One Login is right for you

GOV.UK One Login is new. You can use it now if you’re from a central government service and you need to sign in your users. We’ll add more features over time.

You can read:

2. Register to get access

You’ll need to give us some information about your organisation and service.

We’ll get in touch to talk more about your service’s needs and then give you access to our integration environment.


3. Test GOV.UK One Login

In the test environment, you can integrate your service with GOV.UK One Login to see for yourself how it works.

4. Join public beta and go live

If you’ve tested GOV.UK One Login and you want to use it for your service, you can request to join our public beta.

Once you’re in the beta, you can access the production environment and go live.

Read more about public beta including the eligibility criteria and what to expect if you join.

Contact us

If you have questions or feedback, contact us using our support form. You can also use our Slack channel if you’re from a government service team.