Signing users in

You can use GOV.UK One Login to help your users sign into your service quickly and easily. This is also called ‘authentication’.

This means you know it’s always the same person accessing the service.

The user experience

You can let users create their GOV.UK One Login or sign in at:

  • the start of your service, if you need them all to have accounts
  • the point where they want to save their progress and come back later, if you want to add this option to a complex journey

Users can create a GOV.UK One Login with their email address and password.

You can request that your users also use two-factor authentication. They have two options:

  • getting text messages containing security codes sent to their UK or international mobile phone number
  • using security codes generated by an authenticator app

They can use these details whenever they need to sign in to your service.

If they forget their details, they can recover them.

When a user creates a GOV.UK One Login, they’ll also get access to a space where they can manage their details and see the services they’ve used. Find out more about what’s available in a user’s GOV.UK One Login when they’re signed in.

See the sign in user journeys

View journey maps of the sign in journey.