Last updated: November 2023

What we're working on now

GOV.UK One Login user activity history SIGNED IN EXPERIENCE

Users will be able to view their GOV.UK One Login account activity history.

Recently released

An admin tool for self-service testing SERVICE TEAM ONBOARDING

Service teams can test GOV.UK One Login in our integration environment using our admin tool.

Two-factor authentication recovery SIGN IN

If users lose access to their two-factor authentication method, we’ll help them get back into their GOV.UK One Login.

Proving a user’s identity at a Post Office IDENTITY

Users who cannot finish proving their identity online can complete the process in person by taking their photo ID to a Post Office that offers ‘in-branch verification’.

Browser-based UK driving licence checks IDENTITY

Users will be able to enter details from their valid UK driving licence as part of proving their identity. This includes full and provisional photocard licences.

Common navigation header for services connected to GOV.UK One Login SERVICE TEAM ONBOARDING

Services using GOV.UK One Login will be able to use a common navigation header.

More documents accepted by the GOV.UK ID Check app IDENTITY

Users can now use any of the following in the GOV.UK ID Check app as part of proving their identity:

  • UK biometric residence permits (BRP)
  • UK biometric residence cards (BRC), also known as UK residence cards
  • UK Frontier Worker permits (FWP)

Identity checks will be saved for reuse SIGNED IN EXPERIENCE

Users' identity checks can automatically be saved to their GOV.UK One Login so they can be reused with other services.

Non-UK mobile numbers Sign in

Users can create their GOV.UK One Login using an international mobile phone number.

App-based identity checks for NFC-chipped passports IDENTITY

In the ‘GOV.UK ID Check’ app, users will be able to provide their passport details by scanning its chip using NFC. This includes UK and non-UK passports.

Services are shown in a user's GOV.UK One Login Signed in experience

Users can see and access all the services they’ve used with their GOV.UK One Login.

Welsh Sign in Identity

At the start of their journey, users can select to view it in English or Welsh.


As we’re still at an early stage, our plans may shift. We’ll update this page when this happens and add more detail when we can.

We’ll keep sharing in blog posts and at our regular cross-government show and tells too.

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