Find out more about GOV.UK Sign in

GOV.UK Sign in lets your users sign in to your service quickly and easily.

It’s easy to implement, secure and fully supported by the GDS team.

What GOV.UK Sign in does

GOV.UK Sign in makes it easy for users to sign in and access government services securely.

This means:

  • users can save their progress while filling in a form and return to it later
  • you know it’s always the same person accessing an account
  • user data is protected

GOV.UK Sign in is only for individuals, and not business users, at the moment.

GOV.UK Sign in will become the only way to sign in to government services. For users that means they’ll:

  • be able to access all information about the services they’ve used in one place
  • only have to remember one set of sign in details

Who can use GOV.UK Sign in

For now, you can use GOV.UK Sign in if you run a central government service that needs authentication. At the moment, this doesn't include the police, NHS or local authorities.

You will also need dedicated technical expertise in your own team to connect to GOV.UK Sign in.

What registering your interest means

We want to find some services to join us in our private beta. We plan to connect these services in late 2021.

We will get in touch to find out more about your service. Our private beta partner services will be the ones we can learn the most from.

We want everyone that registers their interest to have a say in how GOV.UK Sign in develops.

When you register your interest you can:

  • sign up for our cross-government show and tells
  • agree to help us with our user research
  • sign up for updates on our progress

Register your interest in using GOV.UK Sign in.

Digital identity

In future, GOV.UK Sign in will offer digital identity as well as authentication. That means you’ll be able to prove that users are who they say they are to the level of certainty you need.

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  • you have any questions about GOV.UK Sign in
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