Last updated: May 2022


These are the features that will be available next.

Non-UK mobile numbers

We know users with international phone numbers need to sign in to government services, so we’re looking into how we can do this.

More two-factor authentication options

We know not everyone can do two-factor authentication using text messages, so we’re exploring other methods.

Two-factor authentication recovery

If your users lose access to the phone number they gave for two-factor authentication, we’ll help them get back into their account.

Identity checks will be added in future

Identity checks are for services that need to be sure their users are who they say they are.

We’re adding the checks to GOV.UK Sign In in 2022. They’ll be available to our identity private beta partners first, and available for all services in 2023.

You’re likely to need identity checks if your service does things like paying out money or showing confidential information.

You cannot have identity checks without the ‘sign in’ functionality.

If you’re a central government service and you need identity checks, sign up for access.

After you sign up:

  • you’ll be able to test out the ‘sign in’ part of the journey with your service
  • we’ll contact you about getting access to the identity checks when we add them to GOV.UK Sign In


As we’re still at an early stage, our plans may shift. We’ll update this page when this happens and add more detail when we can.

We’ll keep sharing in blog posts and at our regular cross-government show and tells too.

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