Current features

GOV.UK One Login is the new way for central government services to sign in their users.

It will ultimately allow users to access any government service using the same email address and password.

These features of GOV.UK One Login are now available for services that join private beta. See how to get started.

Sign in journey

Users can create a GOV.UK One Login and sign in to your service with their email address and password.

This means you know it’s always the same person accessing the service.

You can let users create their GOV.UK One Login or sign in at:

  • the start of your service, if you need them all to have one
  • the point where they want to save their progress and come back later, if you want to add this option to a complex journey

Two-factor authentication

You can request that your users use two-factor authentication when they sign in to your service.

Users have two 2FA options:

  • getting text messages containing security codes sent to their UK or international phone number
  • using security codes generated by an authenticator app

Password reset

Users can reset their password if they forget it.

Journey also available in Welsh

At the start of their journey, users can choose to view it in English or Welsh.

Your users create a GOV.UK One Login

In their GOV.UK One Login, users can do the following things.

They can see and access their services in one place

When a user signs in to your service with their GOV.UK One Login a link to your service, or to your GOV.UK start page, appears in the 'Your services' section.

This means they can easily access all the services they’ve used with their GOV.UK One Login from one place.

Users can continue to access your service through familiar routes, like landing on a GOV.UK start page.

They can manage their GOV.UK One Login

In their settings, users can change their:

  • email address
  • password
  • phone number

They can also delete their GOV.UK One Login.


You can follow our documentation to:

  • understand the OpenID Connect (OIDC) authentication protocol we’re using
  • see how user data is shared
  • integrate GOV.UK One Login with your service in a test environment

Support for your users

Support for your users is available during office hours via a support form. We aim to reply within 2 working days.

Support for your service

Support for your service is available during office hours via a support form and Slack channel. We aim to reply within 2 working days.

If you go live with GOV.UK One Login, our technical team is available 24/7 for urgent incidents.

Future features

See our roadmap for features that we’re working on now, and in future.